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Tina Has a Blog

Everything I know, I learned from LiveJournal

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My name is Tina and I am distracted by shiny things and the internet.

30, engaged, existing in New York for now.

I think the world is too serious, most of the time.

32-bit nintendo, 80s nostalgia, adeena karasick, beaches, being faux-taku, bellydancing, beowulf - the poem, big sugar, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, blogging, books: read them!, burritos, castle, cemetaries, charles addams, charles bukowski, coffee: its's an addiction, collaging, collecting scrap paper, comic illustration, comics, dancin' dancin' yeeah, dorkdom, dragons, drawing, driving my car around, eating!, ebay, edgar allan poe, editing, edward gorey, everette maddox, exploring, faking foreign accents, fig newtons, flight of the conchords, frances glessner lee, futurama, glen phillips rocks, going on adventures, graphic artistry, guerrilla word-fare, intarweb is my chewtoy, intergalatic planetary planetary intergalactic, invader zim, kero the wondercat, lanterns, licking the bowl, live shows, lol-ing, making lists, making things not suck, making webcomics, mary gaitskill, melancholy flower, memento mori, mervyn peake, mighty orbots, mix cds, morbid curiousity, moseying, mountains, muffins, multitasking, music, my laptop, my sword, mythology, natalie merchant, nathan fillion, nathaneal west, neat literature, new england, new york city, nifty socks, no more kings, norse mythology, obi-wan kenobi, occult, oddities, one line posts, pablo neruda, past lives, peering, people who love muppets, photographing things, photoshopping, plush cows, poetic thinking, poking people, pork fried zen(tm), post-juvenile deliquency, postcards, procastina--, qi, randomosity, re-reading old notebooks, reading rainbow, regina spektor, rescue me, rice crispy treats, road trips, rocket canoes, russell edson, sarcasm?? me?? never!, sci-fi, shhhtyle, shopping @ target, short fiction, sketching on scrap paper, smelling old books, sneakers, sock monkeys, soft-serve ice cream, song lyrics, space jazz, spying, stargazing, staring at the ceiling, state of perpetual indecision, strange fiction, strange phenomena, sunsets, supernatural phenomena, taking long walks, talking to myself, taste-testing comic books, teen girl squad, terry pratchett, the blues, the moon, the out-of-doors, the theme from "zorro", things and stuff, tntina, toad the wet sprocket, traveling hither and yon, vintage stuff, walt disney world, wearing nifty belts, weird u.s., well-groomed beards, wesley willis, wikipedia, writing in margins, zombie slaying